User Agreement

This user agreement (“Agreement”) specifies the terms of use for Users of the materials and all services of the Site (“Portal”).

Getting access to the materials and services of the Portal, the User or the Organization is considered to be attached to this agreement, and this means that the User or the Organization is fully aware and agree with all Terms of this Agreement without any restrictions.

1. The conditions of placement and use of the Information

1.1 The User confirms that it has the required property copyright for the Information when placing it on the Portal and on this basis provides non-exclusive (with a right for delivery of sub-licenses), permanent, uncalled license to use and publish available on the Portal Information and does not require payment of royalties. Thus, such Information may include various objects of copyright: database of products and services, trademarks, trade names, utility models, industrial designs and other objects for which the User has rights to intellectual ownership rights on the proper territory.
1.2 has the right to process and display on their pages provided Information, including its structuring, editing, merging, division, reflow, the translation of the Information into other languages, other operations, including advertising.
1.3 According to the non-exclusive license provided by the User, has the right to advertise goods and services placed on the Portal in its sole discretion, including: processing provided content, including its structuring, editing, merging, division, reflow and other operations, as well as the translation of the Information into other languages.
1.4 The User has no right to post information which in any way violates the rights of third parties, including intellectual property rights, copyright, trademark, inventions, utility models and industrial designs, etc., property rights, etc.., photos, lyrics and etc.
1.5 has right to remove from the Portal controversial Information when third parties reports about the intellectual property rights violation of legitimate owners.

2. Rights and Responsibilities of

2.1 has the right to place on the Portal information from open sources with the Information about goods and services of the User and the Organization. This information uses in order to make the Portal more useful and convenient for all visitors of the Portal.
2.2 has the right at any time to request the confirmation of the User’s data, indicated during the registration on the Portal and confirming documents.
2.3 has the right to charge for the provision of certain services using the Portal.
2.4 reserves the exclusive right, without any obligation to the User or Organization, modify or terminate the operation of the Portal or the services offered on it and remove (temporarily or permanently) the data provided by the User.
2.5 All software products are protected by intellectual property laws and relevant international law.
2.6 User uses the Portal at your own peril. Portal provides the Information and services "as it is". does not assume any liability, including conformity of the information and services of the User.
2.7 is not responsible to the User, the Organization and the third party for the consequences of the use of the information posted on the portal for trade, credit and other business operations.
2.8 is not responsible for any damage that may be caused to the User’s computers and data result of using the Portal.
2.9 is not responsible for the accuracy of information, quality of advertised goods, works and services of the User or the Organization. The person or the organization that in relation to the Portal has the status of advertiser is responsible for the accuracy of information, quality of advertised goods, works and services.
2.10 is not responsible for direct or indirect damages as well as any kind of damage received from the use or inability to use the Portal; unauthorized access by third parties to communications and computers of the User; actions in the network of any third party regarding the User or the Enterprise to the Portal.
2.11 can review, change or delete information posted by the User on the Portal but is not obligated to.
2.12 can use the User information in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.
2.13 has the right to send newsletters to other users of the Portal, using Information about goods and services that are provided by the User, which may contain other advertising materials and information.
2.14 has the right to use the technical means and methods to protect the Information, applications and databases, to obtain statistical data about the work of the portal, and also in order to ensure security (prevention of "break-ins", hacker attacks and etc.) and the correct operation of the software and hardware of the Portal.
2.15 entitled to receive information about the geographic location of the User on the used computer equipment and its components, including software, etc. The User confirms his/her consent to receive specified information

3 Rights and obligations of the User or the Organization

3.1 The User or the Organization has the right to use the Portal in the accordance to this agreement.
3.2 The User or the Organization agrees to provide true, accurate and complete information on the issues proposed in forms of the Portal (Applications, Questionnaires, etc.) and keep this information up-to-date.
3.3 The User or the Organization is responsible for all the information (data, text, photographs, graphics, messages and other materials) placed by him or is transferred to for posting on the Portal.
3.4 The User or the Organization obliged not to use the Portal for:
posting, sending, transferring or any other way of publishing information and material that is illegal, harmful, threatening, such that offend morality, slander, infringing copyright, promoting hate and/or discrimination against people;
issuance of impersonating another person or representative of an organization or community without sufficient on that rights, as well as misleading regarding the properties and characteristics of any subjects or objects;
copying, distribution, publication or use of other information and/or the results of intellectual activity on the Portal without written permission of;
posting, sending, transferring or any other way of publication on the Portal of information and materials about goods and services that the user has no right to offer for sale, advertise or make available in accordance with the law. If the legislation of the State in which the User or the Organization is situated has restrictions or prohibition on the offer of certain goods and services, the User alone is responsible for compliance with the requirements of such legislation when placing the Information and materials about products and services on the Portal.
unauthorized access to a database of users of the Portal, the intervention in its code, the use of bugs software portal (user must immediately report them to the Administration in any convenient way, or contact the Administration of the Portal).
posting, sending, transferring or any other way of publishing information and materials that affect any patent for an invention, utility model or industrial design, as well as the trademark(s), trade secret, copyright or other intellectual property rights and/or copyright and related rights of a third party;
willful violation of Ukrainian laws or the norms of International law.
3.5 In the case of granting the User or the Organization personal access password to the protected sections of the Portal, the User or the Organization is responsible for maintaining his/her password, and for all that will be done on the Portal under the password of the User or the Organization.
3.6. The User undertakes not to transfer rights and obligations under this Agreement, including the transfer of the password to the third parties, unless will not approve it previously or in written form.
3.7 The User agrees not to redistribute whole or in part the information posted on the Portal or programs of the Portal, without written permission of Dissemination of whole or in part the information or programs of the Portal without the express and prior permission of constitutes copyright infringement of
3.8 The User agrees with the fact that is not responsible and has no direct or indirect obligations to the User in connection with any possible or incurred losses or losses related to any content of the Portal, copyright registration and information about such registration, goods or services available or obtained through external sites or resources, or other contacts that he made using the placed on the Portal the information or links to external resources.

4. Modification and termination

4.1 has the right to unilaterally change the terms of this Agreement. These changes take effect after 3 (three) days from the date of posting of the new version of the agreement on the Site. If the User disagrees with changes he/she is obliged to refuse from the access to the Website, terminate his/her use of the materials and services of the Portal.
4.2 If the User continues to use the Portal after placing on it the modified version of the Agreement it will be considered as the acceptance of the new version of the Agreement.
4.3 If the User gives the false, inaccurate and incomplete information or refuse to support this information up to date, has the right to suspend or terminate User's access to the Site.
5 Dispute Resolutions
5.1The Administration of the Portal strongly recommends to contact the support service for the settlement of any disputes through negotiations.
5.2 will take into account all reasonable requirements and will take appropriate measures in order to resolve the dispute through negotiation, or take alternative dispute resolution procedures, by means of mediation or arbitration as an alternative to judicial review.
5.3 In the case of a dispute between users of the Portal, (including any official person of, representatives/agents, subsidiaries and their employees) is released from all claims and demands of compensation for any damage arising out of such dispute or in connection with it.

6. Other conditions

6.1 This agreement does not create any relationship of representation, agency, franchising, mediation, partnership, cooperative activities, labor relations.
6.2 has the right in its sole discretion and without the consent of the User assign rights and duties under this Agreement to the third parties. In the case assign his rights and responsibilities, this agreement fully retains its effect, and the rights and obligations of the pass to the successor.
6.3 The parties to this Agreement shall be exempt from liability for the complete or partial non-fulfillment of obligations if such failure is caused by the action of the irresistible force ("force majeure") extraordinary and inevitable in the circumstances. They include riots, the decision of public authorities, natural disasters, fires, disasters, interruptions in power supply, the global disruptions of Ukrainian and international segments of the Internet, routing failures of systems, failures in the distributed domain name system, failures caused by hacking and DDOS attacks.
6.4 All emails in the form of any documents, messages, and will expressions, which are furnished or transmitted remotely during the execution of this Agreement and for which the recipient received confirmation of delivery, are recognized as made properly in writing form.
6.5 A link on the Portal is obligatory when quoting materials of the Portal, including protected copyright works.

7. Privacy policy

7.1 The user confirms his consent to the processing of personal data in the database of the Portal in the accordance to the law "On Personal Data Protection" by submitting a form with “his/her personal information from the pages of the Portal with a mark of “Acquainted with the user agreement and accept it”. The user agrees to the transfer of his personal data from the Portal to the undetermined third parties such as visitors of the Portal. implements physical, electronic, administrative and technical security measures against unauthorized disclosure, modification, and use of personal data of the Users and the Organizations.
7.2 The User confirms that this agreement is properly written message about inclusion of his personal data to the Portal database and does not require the provision of the Portal any individual message with user rights, the purpose of processing personal data and about third parties to whom personal data are transferred, and/or change the personal User data in accordance with this Agreement.

8. Contact information.

8.1 Members of the attentively treat comments or undertakings of the Users or Organizations about this agreement. Your comments, observations or suggestions please direct via the feedback form.
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